Foods that weaken the immune system Disease immunity decreases

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What should I not eat when I fall? 5 foods that weaken the immune system Disease immunity decreases.

If you don’t want your immune system to fall and get sick easily, you must avoid these 5 foods that lower your immune system! Because these foods can be said foods. That increase inflammation in the body. Eating a lot of them affects the functioning of the immune system, making it work worse and fight germs less! Report from

Foods that weaken the immune system

1. High sugar foods

 Foods that are high in sugar It increases blood sugar immune system Disease and increases the production of proteins involved in inflammation in the body. This will adversely affect the functioning of the immune system. This limits the immune system’s ability to fight germs. Decreases the functioning of the immune system By slowing down the work of white blood cells to fight bacteria and viruses.

2. Fried food

Fried food is a food that is high in aging substances or AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). If there is a lot in the body, it will result in inflammation and damage to cells. In addition, AGEs also contribute to the system. The body’s immune system is weakened. Destroys the body’s antioxidant mechanism Stimulate cell abnormalities and can have a negative effect on bacteria in the intestines as well

3. Processed food

Processed foods are foods that contain sugar, fat, immune system Disease and other substances that can weaken the immune system. Causes abnormalities of the immune system In particular, foods high in saturated fats cause inflammation in the body and adversely affect the functioning of the immune system. This includes processed meat or red meat as well. that has a bad effect on the bacteria in the intestines Resulting in chronic inflammation This can cause the immune system to become overworked.

4. High carbohydrate foods

Foods that are high in carbohydrates Especially refined carbohydrates like white or brown bread It is considered harmful to the immune system. It also increases blood sugar levels. including insulin levels Leads to increased production of free radicals and inflammation. It also changes the bacteria in the intestines. That can have a negative effect on our immune system as well.

5. Foods that contain salt/sodium

Eating too much salt can dampen the body’s immune response. Because it causes inflammation of the tissues. Foods that are high in sodium are also included, which increases inflammation. Changes in the intestinal microflora and changes in the body’s immune system In addition, foods high in sodium may cause high blood pressure. This can result in a weakened immune system as well.