“Mangosteen”, the queen of healthy fruits

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Under the thick purple-brown skin of the fruit named “Mangosteen“. There is a story that once Queen Victoria of the British Royal Family ever ordered that will grant a knighthood or 100 pounds to the person. Who can bring fresh mangosteen fruit to her

No one knows how true or false it is, but for sure. Mangosteen is a fruit that Thai people admire as being delicious. “Queen of all fruits”

Not long ago, there was news from the Office of Agricultural Economics (Agriculture Economics Office) that this year. The production of mangosteen from the eastern region was higher than last year. May result in the price of mangosteen falling down which produces the most output in May

After listening to this, it awakens the power of Thai people to help Thai people in their hearts. I want to invite you to support mangosteen. 

Traditional Chinese medicine also has a medicinal formula that is used to treat burns and scalds by mixing powdered dried mangosteen peels with peanut oil and applying them to the affected area.

Nowadays, mangosteen peels are used in cosmetic products to treat acne. Bad breath products oral astringent and treatment of periodontal disease Because it has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties that cause such problems.

Research on the flesh of the mangosteen to nourish the body

There are scientific researches indicating that Mangosteen pulp contains catechins and flavonoids. which is an antioxidant Although the amount is not as much as in the shell But the meat will definitely taste better.

While there is information from the book Encyclopedia of Thai-Chinese herbs that are frequently used in Thailand. Discuss the properties of mangosteen meat. (In the textbook, it is written that seed coat) that it has a sweet and sour taste, is a cold medicine, used to nourish energy, nourish the body, and interestingly, It can also be used to relieve heat from eating too much durian.

However, the consumption of mangosteen must be cautious among those who are controlling their blood sugar levels.

Mangosteen is not just for eating fresh, but it can cook delicious food.

“Have you ever eaten chilli fish sauce with mangosteen?” one of the elders I know asked as they were discussing the issue of food in the central region. which impressed me a lot So he asked for more knowledge until he got that chili sauce is a dipping sauce that people on the Thonburi side used to eat.

By bringing ripe to remove only the flesh and put it in a bowl of chili sauce. Allegedly relying on the sweet and sour taste of the mangosteen fruit to add a more special flavor to the fish sauce. Then set up a deck with boiled sea turtle eggs. Only a person who knows how to boil sea turtle eggs can be cooked.

It is said that these two items belong to the Tunangan couple who enjoy eating together. But nowadays, sea turtles are required by law to be protected species. Therefore, turtle eggs cannot be consumed. If you want to taste it, you have to adjust it to boiled duck eggs with soft-boiled meat to eat together instead.

In addition, another favorite menu is Mangosteen Salad at Chan Pochana. Chanthaburi Province

He gently peeled the mangosteen flesh so that the inside flesh was not traumatized. And still stuck together into a ball. Let’s come to spicy salad with spicy salad dressing with fresh bird’s eye chili, alley. With boiled fresh shrimp, put on a plate, sprinkle with ground dried shrimp, side with boiled egg. Eat and feel happy. So delicious

Loei from the east south to Nakhon Si Thammarat I used to eat “cuddle “. Where the unripe mangosteen is peeled and washed with lime water to crisp up. then skewers chilled as a snack Let me tell you that it’s delicious. You can experience the crispy texture of the mangosteen, the sour, sweet taste and the unique aroma.

You see that in addition to eating like fresh fruit Mangosteen can also be used to cook a more delicious menu as well. Knowing this, don’t forget to go out and support mangosteens that are experiencing oversupply in our home market because “Thais make Thais use Thais Charoen”
and if Thais don’t help Thais. And who will help us, really? information by UFABET