Soy milk, good stuff close to the body, nourish the brain

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Soy milk, a very useful drink 

Tofu or soy milk It is a good product rich in protein from beans. And then there are female hormones that help balance hormones. Therefore, it can be considered as a useful drink, delicious and easy to make as well. But before going to see how to do it. Let’s look at the benefits first.

nourish the heart

rich in good fats Reduces the risk of heart disease It also contains various minerals and nutrients. that help maintain a healthy heart 

bone nourishment 

In addition to solid protein And another thing that is equally abundant is calcium, soy milk is another option for those who want to nourish their bones. but can’t drink milk 

nourish the brain

Omega 3 isn’t just found in deep sea fish. but also found in soy milk which has found that omega 3 not only nourishes the brain but also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

control blood pressure

Potassium in Soy Milk Help control blood pressure to be within the normal range. As well as helping to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood as well.

Recover your body after exercise.

As already mentioned, soy milk is rich in protein. Therefore, it is suitable to drink after exercise for protein to repair the body that may be injured from exercise. 

Make soy sauce

It can be seen that soy milk is really a very useful drink. But sometimes the soya milk you buy may contain too much sugar. Or have diluted soy because of that. Let’s make soy sauce by ourselves. Because the way to do it is very easy. 

raw material

1 soy bean 

5 cups of water 

2-3 pandan leaves


  1. Wash and sort out the waste soybeans. Then soak it for 1 night. 
  2. Blend the soybeans with water until smooth. become soy sauce (If you like concentrated soy sauce reduce the water to 1 cup, the ratio is 1:1)
  3. filter until only water remains before putting it on a low fire Boil with pandan leaves, simmer for 20 minutes, add sugar as desired.

That’s all, you get ready-to-drink soy milk. The most important thing is that it’s not too sweet. 

Information : UFABET