How to play BlackJack with a pair of cards

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How to play BlackJack with a pair of cards.

In playing pairs, it is slightly more complicated than the Hard Hand and Soft Hand. That it will involve splitting or splitting. Which depends on online casino. With how to set the rules for splitting. But here written in the middle. According to UFABET the standard rules use in playing blackjack.

Whenever we get two cards of the same rank. will be counted as a pair immediately. If we get a pair of cards, we can play with the following steps.

  1. If you get a pair of 22 or 33 and the dealer’s first card is 2-6. split it into 2 hands. But if the dealer gets more points, hit.
  2. If you get a pair of 44 and the dealer’s first card is 5-6 points, split. But if the banker has 7 or more points, hit fight.
  3. If getting a pair of 55 cards while the banker side gets 2-9 points from the first card, let us double down because the other party has a chance to score more than 21 points, except when the dealer gets the first card that is a 10-point card or an A card. In this case, we will not split, but will hit.
  4. When you get a pair of 66 and the dealer faces up the first card for 2-6 points, we split it, but if the other party has 7 or more points, hit.
  5. If we get a pair of 77, we will split when the dealer’s first card is 2-7, also we will hit only.
  6. For a pair of 88 cards, you must first see if the mobile holder is 2-9 or not, if yes, then split, if not, hit as usual according to the formula.
  7. As for the pair of 99 cards, split when the dealer holds 2-6 or 8-9 points only, while the other points give Stand because only 18 points in the hand is enough to create a winning chance for us.
  8. In the event of a pair of 10-point cards (1010, JJ, QQ, KK), the dealer’s card is ignore. Since you already have 20 points, just Stand is enough.
  9. Whenever a pair of AA drawn. Remember to always split to reduce. The chance of hitting more than 21. But as a general rule, if this pair drawn. It will forced to split just like pair 88.